Strengthening Democracy through Youth Leadership

Strengthening Democracy through Youth Leadership


The Strengthening Democracy project aims to uphold the democratic and human rights of marginalized communities in Pakistan by addressing discriminatory social and legal practices which present an impediment to the country’s democratization process and development. In its third phase, the project focuses on religious minorities, as prejudices against those of non-Muslim faiths, which make up just 3.7% of the population, are continuing to result in disharmony, degradation and violence that necessitates a positive change as a matter of priority. With an estimated 60% of the population falling under the age of 25, the active participation of Pakistan’s youth is vital in affecting this change and shaping the values of an inclusive and fair society. This phase of the project therefore places great emphasis on facilitating young people to become advocates for meaningful and long-lasting change. 

CWS-P/A is working with partner organizations to develop the knowledge and abilities of college and university students, as well as young representatives of marginalized religious groups, to become catalysts for change and to reach out to their peers and wider communities and promote equal democratic rights.
Democratic governance is central to the creation of a strong and enabling environment in which to work towards Millennium Development Goals, particularly the elimination of poverty. The project therefore supports CWS-P/A’s overall vision of social justice and economic prosperity.

Duration of the project October 1, 2013 – September 30, 2016
Program Area Capacity Building Program (CBP)
Thematic Area(s) Peace and Governance
Cross Cutting Themes Empowerment, Human Rights
Implementation areas (Districts) Pakistan
Description of Beneficiaries

5,230 direct (participants, including college/university students and youth leaders from religious minorities)
10,009,380 indirect (wider marginalized communities)


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