Our Approach

Community World Service Asia works with a vast network of partners to provide humanitarian and capacity building support. As the Sphere regional partner for Asia and long-time provider of regional trainings, we take a multidimensional, joint standards approach to increasing knowledge, capacity, and implementation of quality and accountability standards in humanitarian action.

Our Approach

When required, we reach out to communities affected by disaster in order to provide emergency relief and support the response of our partners in the affected country. In this way, we ensure that marginalized and disaster-affected communities receive assistance effectively and with the dignity to which they are entitled. We also work closely with our partners to increase awareness and build capacity of individuals and organizations on a variety of topics such as peace, HIV and AIDS, organizational development, and risk management.

Assisting and partnering in Asia Pacific
were trained
trained in emergency response
engaged in social cohesion

Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific in detail

  • Asia Pacific is the most disaster-prone region in the world, with more than 70% of the world’s natural disasters occurring in the region.

  • The frequency of natural disasters has increased around the world over the last thirty years, and the sharpest increase has been seen in Asia Pacific.

  • Unplanned urbanization and the concentration of people and livelihoods in areas vulnerable to natural disasters has increased the exposure of people in the region to their impact.

  • Although a United Nations Development Program study demonstrated that investing in disaster and preparedness saves lives, prevents injury and reduces the economic losses incurred as a result of a disaster, less than 1% of international aid is spent on mitigation measures.

  • Asia comprises 30% of the world’s land area

  • Asia comprises 60% of the world’s population

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