Celebrating Quality & Accountability Week in November 2019 to Promote Effective Humanitarian...

Celebrating Quality & Accountability Week in November 2019 to Promote Effective Humanitarian Assistance

Last year, Community World Service Asia successfully executed the Quality and Accountability (Q&A) Week in the month of December. Two training workshops on Quality & Accountability to Affected Populations (Q&AAP) and Complaints Response Mechanism (CRM) followed by a Share Fair on Q&AAP including the launch of the new Sphere Handbook 2018 and The State of the Humanitarian System 2018 Report were held with the participation of over 150 guests from 25 countries.

This year again, Act Alliance members, Community World Service Asia and ACT Church of Sweden are excited to announce the up-coming Quality and Accountability week in November. The up-coming events include three trainings followed by a Launch event and Panel discussion.

Enhancing Collective Quality & Accountability to Affected Populations (Q&AAP)

With millions of people effected by disasters and conflicts, the importance of Q&AAP is undeniable. As part of Community World Service Asia’s response to the demands for more support on awareness raising, capacity building and collective learning, we are delighted to announce the upcoming refresher, Training of Trainers on Q&AAP. This event is a unique opportunity for all agencies, to equip staff to both disseminate and implement the standards. The Lead Trainer, Sylvie Robert, is an independent consultant with 25 years of experience, specializing in Quality and Accountability to Affected Populations (Q&AAP).

Workshop on Managing Complaints Response Mechanism (CRM)

Humanitarian agencies have a duty of care to affected communities and a responsibility to ensure that right-holders are treated with dignity and respect and that certain minimum standards of behavior are observed. This course aims to gather professional humanitarian workers from (I)NGOs, UN, donors and government agencies who aim to become experts in complaints handling. It will allow participants to understand the linkages between quality & accountability and handling complaints, from reception to investigation and implementation of the learning. The Lead Trainer for this training workshop is Ester Dross. She is an independent consultant with over 25 years of experience, specializing in accountability, prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse, gender and child protection.

Advancing Women Leadership

As women we are preoccupied with everything around us that we often neglect, to our own detriment, ourselves. To be provocative in transforming the way we view ourselves as women, treat each other as allies, and agents of change in a world that greatly needs the strength and leadership qualities of women. This session is a holistic approach to leveraging the strength and power of women. We are all unique beings and this course lends itself to that. It is an opportunity to facilitate, lead, take control, and think outside the box about real problems that impact women. Connie Cheung, Lead Trainer, brings a different kind of energy and approach to workshops in an effort to bring out the authentic leader in everyone. Connie’s career is grounded in emergency management. Through the years she has complemented her career by actively coaching, mentoring, and addressing issues related to workplace wellness, which include mental health and well-being.

Launch and Panel Discussion

The launch and panel discussion of the Quality and Accountability for Project Cycle Management booklet will be conducted after the completion of the three training workshops. This user-friendly booklet is designed especially for field practitioners who work in the humanitarian sector to improve quality and accountability of their projects towards communities. The revised version aims to introduce advance tools to use at each stage of the project cycle, allowing enhanced practical implementation of quality and accountability.