Community World Service Asia welcomes feedback and complaints on the assistance and services it provides. We are committed to being accountable to our project participants, partners, staff, and other stakeholders. We ensure that our programming remains project participant focused at all stages, and during the course of project implementation communities have the right to raise their concerns.

A complaint is a formal way of voicing concern against violation of rights.

Community World Service Asia recognizes its developmental and humanitarian interventions to alleviate poverty and minimize human suffering. Thus, we believe it is the right of project participants and others to complain and express their views at any stage of program implementation.

How to make a complaint
If you want to register a complaint with Community World Service Asia, you may:

  • Complain directly to our field staff, who will redress or forward the complaint.
  • Call us between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on Monday through Friday on our number: +92-345-5000653 or +92-345-5000657.
  • Email us at our Complaints & Feedback Response ID:
  • Or fill in the electronic form stating the nature of your complaint.

Types of complaints we accept
Community World Service Asia recognizes the right of all project participants and other members of the community, who have any direct or indirect stake in our projects and functions, to complain and seek redress. It is only within our scope to handle complaints which are in direct connection to services and activities provided by Community World Service Asia or our implementing partners including contractors. This may include but is not limited to:

  • Project implementation
  • Project participant selection
  • Contractual agreements/Procurement
  • Partner organizations/ Implementing partners
  • Corruption
  • Staff abuse
  • Training
  • Discrimination
  • Violence
  • Sexual harassment
  • Child abuse

Handling your complaint
Community World Service Asia handles all complaints confidentially, with impartiality and invokes a non-retaliation policy for complainants. When we receive your complaint, it will be registered, reviewed, and forwarded to relevant focal persons. A response to the complainant’s queries will be communicated to the complainant within the given time frame.

We aim to respond as quickly as possible, and the time frame varies depending on the nature of the complaint. Remember to provide your contact information in order for us to respond to your complaint. Although anonymous complaints will be accepted and looked into appropriately, a response cannot be provided directly to the complainant.

How to appeal
If you are unsatisfied with our decision or redress, you have the right to appeal. If you want to appeal, you may contact us again by filling out the electronic form or calling us once more. Our telephone number is: +92-345-5000653 or +92-345-5000657.
The appeal will be forwarded to the appeals board which will then issue a final decision.

Referral of complaints
If the complaint is not within the scope or parameters for Community World Service Asia’s assistance, we will do our best to refer the complaint to the relevant person or organization.

    Section One: COMPLAINANT

    To be filled by complainant
    First Name
    Last Name
    Phone Number
    Union council/village

    Section Two: COMPLAINT

    To be filled by complainant

    What is your complaint about?

    When did it take place?

    Where did it take place?

    What does the complaint concern?

    Within which area of Community World Service Asia assistance is your complaint?

    Which of the following groups are you a member?

    Section Three: APPEAL

    Do you want to appeal a decision on a former complaint?

    If you want to appeal a decision on a former complaint, state why?

    Section Four: SUBMISSION

    By submitting this complaint, I accept the procedure by which the complaint will be processed and the composition of the complaints board dealing with this complaint. I have been informed by the terms for appeal. I also confirm that the information given is true to the best of my knowledge.

    Yes, I Agree.