Quality and Accountability Training

Quality and Accountability Training

Quality and Accountability Orientation

One-Day Course

This basic course employs a participatory approach including presentations, groups learning activities, and role-play exercises to introduce participants to the importance, structure, and purpose of an accountability framework and HAP and Sphere standards.

Three-Day Course

This advanced level workshop provides participants with in-depth knowledge and facilitates the development of action plans for the implementation of HAP and Sphere standards within their ongoing activities.

Complaints Response Mechanisms (CRM)

Developing a Complaints Response Mechanism

Through classroom learning and case study analysis, participants will understand the purpose and value of a CRM, develop a CRM and an implementation plan, and identify the challenges faced in the application of a CRM.

Implementing a Complaints Response Mechanism

This course is designed for organizations which are committed to establishing a CRM as part of their accountability framework and focuses on how a CRM will support the delivery of quality services to their target populations.

Accountability Framework

Developing an Accountability Framework

Participants will understand the meaning, purpose, and value of an accountability framework as a comprehensive tool of communication for essential information and will draft an accountability framework and implementation plan.

Monitoring Progress against an Accountability Framework

This course trains and prepares participants to monitor and assess their organizational practices, policies, and procedures against the Accountability Framework.

International Standards

Using Sphere in M&E

This workshop will develop the capacity of aid workers to strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of monitoring and evaluation by incorporating Sphere’s principles and core standards into a streamlined process.

HAP and Sphere Standards in M&E

This workshop provides aid workers with an opportunity to explore and practically apply both HAP and Sphere quality and accountability initiatives in order to maximize their efficiency, effectiveness, and impact in emergency interventions.

Training on Understanding Sphere Technical Standards and Companion Standards

This course provides participants with the tools to understand and implement international standards for quality planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation during humanitarian response.

Guided Self-Assessment against HAP Standards

This course provides humanitarian and development organizations with an in-depth analysis tool to identify areas of good practice and improvement to enhance planning and program design.