Our Approach

We work with marginalized communities, refugees, temporarily displaced people, host communities, civil society, non-governmental and community-based organizations, teachers, religious and community leaders, journalists, women, and youth to address a variety of needs including health care, education, livelihoods, peace-building, civic engagement, and vulnerability to disasters and conflicts.

Our Approach

By enhancing the capacity of individuals and existing community structures through a participatory approach, Community World Service Asia supports communities in an effort to overcome inequality and to work toward sustainable food security, peace, access to basic rights, and resilience. When necessary, emergency response is provided to disaster-affected communities.

Assisting and partnering in Pakistan
rural women artisans' skills developed
participants' knowledge & skills improved on DRR
farmers' families' food security and livelihoods improved
people treated
babies delivered
people trained on health and hygiene and family planning


Pakistan by the numbers

  • Refugees

    Second-largest host country in the world (UNHCR 2016)

  • Flooding

    20 incidents of major flooding 1950 (Federal Flood Commission 2015)

  • Poverty

    39% of the population lives in poverty (Multidimensional Poverty Index 2016)

  • Education

    Ranked 147 out of 188 on Education Achievements (Human Development Report 2016)

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