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DurationJul 01, 2015Jun 30, 2018
LocationDoronaro, Hyder Farm and Nabisar of District Umerkot
Key Activities
  • Support to three of six Rural Health Centres (RHCs) in Umerkot, each with a catchment of 95, 700 community members, through provision of free of cost basic Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health (MNCH) services.
  • Extensive antenatal care provided to women visiting the three RHCs and follow-up postnatal check-ups conducted after safe deliveries.
  • An active Disease Early Warning System (DEWS) which assists doctors to identify and raise disease alerts at district level.
  • Our Health Information System (HIS) also helps early detection of complicated cases which speeds up referral of cases of women diagnosed as having high risk pregnancies to higher level hospitals for further treatment.
  • Training and building capacity of Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) on early detection of high risk pregnancy, safe delivery of babies and distribution of safe delivery kits to 12 TBAs.
  • Family spacing advice and family planning options are provided to women in thirty villages. As a result, we are witnessing lower cases of mothers having babies within one year of delivery.
  • Health education sessions targeting school-going children within nine schools in the RHC catchment areas have been conducted
  • Close coordination and partnership with other healthcare practitioners in the district. For example, we are conducting nutritional assessments for mothers and children under the age of five and referring those identified as suffering from malnutrition for further treatment and food supplement provision.
  • Participation of project staff in organizational capacity building initiatives such as Leadership trainings, Do-no-harm mainstreaming in disaster management; quality and accountability training where staff are reviewing the Standard Operating Procedures during Health Emergencies; and online competency trainings on report writing and communication skills development.
  • Support to district-wide government health initiatives such as polio vaccination campaigns and safe pregnancy initiatives as well as hosting of health-related celebrations such as World Health Day, World Disability Day and International Women’s Day.
Participants55,620 Individual

DurationApr 01, 2006Dec 31, 2008
LocationDistrict Mansehra, Battagram and Shangla of KP
Key Activities
  • 11 latrines and washrooms + one toilet
  • 48 water supply schemes
Participants69,370 individuals

DurationSep 01, 2007May 31, 2008
LocationKeti Bandar and Kharochan Talukas of Thatta district in Sindh Provicne
Key Activities
  • Installations of 225 (two hundred twenty-five) Abyar hand pumps (where water table is accessible up to 30-40 feet)
  • Installations of 16 (sixteen) Jiyapo hand pumps (where water table is very deep and above 50 feet)
  • Conduct 37 (thirty-seven) health and hygiene awareness sessions
  • Distribution of 2,200 (two thousand two hundred) hygiene kits
  • Distribution of 4,400(four thousand four hundred) Jerry Cans (each 20 litre)
ParticipantsApprox. 80,000 individuals

DurationNov 15, 2008May 31, 2009
LocationRojhan sharqi, Fatehpur, Noorpur mojahwala, Dajal, Wah lashari of Rajanpur district
Key Activities
  • Installation of 185 hand pumps
  • Health hygiene and DRR sessions
Participants33,700 individuals

DurationDec 15, 2009Mar 31, 2010
LocationUC Kotla Saidan, Naewela and Marrha of D.I Khan district
Key Activities
  • Reconstruction of 328 latrines
  • 20 bathing places
  • 20 washing places
  • Installation of 60 hand pumps
  • Construction of 10 waste collection points
  • Distribution of 2,100 hygiene kits
  • Health and hygiene sessions for adults and children
Participants15,792 individuals

DurationSep 01, 2011Nov 30, 2012
LocationUC Bijora, Sujawal, Jaar, Keenjar of district Thatta
Key Activities
  • Health and hygiene sessions, Rehabilitation of water courses, drainages and ponds
  • Provision of nadi filters
  • Installation of 40 hand pumps
Participants13,856 individuals

DurationSep 10, 2015Mar 10, 2016
LocationBara Teshil of Khyber Agency
Key Activities
  • Free Medical Consultations through Mobile health clinics
  • Provision of Free Medicines
  • Ante Natal and Post Natal Care Services
  • Sessions on Health and Hygiene issues
Participants20,000 flood affected people