CWSA initiates Emergency Cash Assistance to Earthquake Affected families in Afghanistan

CWSA initiates Emergency Cash Assistance to Earthquake Affected families in Afghanistan

Raqeem Jan, from Khana Deen village of Geyan, lived with his 22 member family. The earthquake destroyed their home, leaving 11 members of his family dead and 3 wounded.

The 5.9 magnitude earthquake has hit the Barmal, Ziruk, Nika, and Geyan districts of Afghanistan’s Paktika province most severely. UNOCHA has reported an estimate of at least 770 people being killed and more than 1,400 others injured. This morning, an earthquake aftershock has struck the Paktika province again, taking another 5 lives in the Geyan district.

Reports and field assessments have confirmed widespread damage to buildings and infrastructure, with almost up to 70% of homes completely and partially destroyed in some villages. The number of casualties is also expected to rise as search-and-rescue operations continue in rugged, remote terrain of the hard-hit districts. Geyan province is reported to be the most affected so far.

Major relief efforts are ongoing to address the immediate needs which have been identified as emergency shelter, non-food items (NFIs), food assistance, hygiene kits, mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) services and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) support. Cholera outbreaks following the widespread displacement and disruption in access to health and hygiene services is also of particular concern.

Asal Jan lost a loved one amid the quake and left three wounded in the village of Khana Deen village of Geyan district.

Community World Service Asia Response:
Community World Service Asia (CWSA) and its key partners in Afghanistan are coordinating with the national and district government to discuss the situation and plan an effective and immediate response to the most affected communities.

We have initiated our first round of cash assistance to 200 earthquake affected families in Geyan. The US $ 80 cash support per family for a month will help targeted households meet their immediate food security and medical needs and ensure their basic wellbeing. CWSA’s team is mobilising more financial support to address the needs of the wider affected community. We are continuously engaged in surveys with affected communities and coordinating with provincial government and response committees1, to identify additional resources that can help address more assessed needs.

The current situation in earthquake affected areas only worsens the conditions for families who were already vulnerable and marginalized by poverty.
The number of casualties is expected to rise as search and rescue operations are ongoing.


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Deputy Regional Director
Programs & Organizational Development
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Head of Communication
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1 Including Directorate of Refugees and Repatriation (DoRR), Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA), Department of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (DRRD) and Directorate of Public Health (DoPH)