Situation Update Afghanistan Earthquake

Situation Update Afghanistan Earthquake

Community World Service Asia is among the first responders to support earthquake affected families in the most remote areas of the Geyan district of Paktika.

Earthquake Affected Families in Paktika Province receive First Cash Assistance

In response to the devastating 5.9 magnitude earthquake that struck Afghanistan on Wednesday, Community World Service Asia (CWSA) and its partners immediately mobilised teams and funds to provide cash assistance to two hundred severely affected families in the Geyan district of Paktika province in Afghanistan. The Geyan district is most affected by the earthquake with a majority of houses completely destroyed and the highest death toll reported so far.

Cash distributions of USD 80 per family have been initiated in four villages so far. This in-kind cash support aims to address affected families’ immediate food security and health needs and will continue for the next two months. CWSA and partners are also planning to support an additional two hundred families with a three-month cash assistance. More potential partners are pledging funds to expand CWSA’s scope of response.

Community World Service Asia has established an office in Geyan to ensure an effective and efficient humanitarian response and to be able to address the challenges of the communities it serves in a timely manner. We are grateful to all our partners who are supporting this response and have helped us meet the urgent needs of the most vulnerable affected communities.

Abdul, who lives in Wachki village, received USD 80 to support his family’s food and medical needs after the earthquake left two of his family members dead and four injured.
After the earthquake, Saabir’s house was reduced to ruins. One member of his family died. For the three family members who were hurt in the earthquake, he intends to seek medical attention using the cash he received today.
Hundreds of families in Paktika and Khost have been left homeless without no shelter, food or water.
Our Emergency team is actively coordinating with local authorities to reach affected families in a timely manner for cash assistance.
Aabdar from Wachkai village, has lost a dear family member in the quake and three others have been left severely injured. The earthquake has damaged his house.


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