Nearly 1,500 homes have been destroyed and damaged in Geyan district, Paktika...

Nearly 1,500 homes have been destroyed and damaged in Geyan district, Paktika province of Afghanistan.

At least 1,000 people killed by a magnitude 6.1 earthquake in remote, landslide-prone regions of eastern Afghanistan.

Community World Service Asia’s Emergencies’ team has initiated an assessment of Geyan, one of the districts severely hit by the recent earthquake in Afghanistan. The quake has struck hardest in the rugged east of the country, where a majority of the population were already living in poverty, affected by multiple hazards and years of conflict.  OCHA has reported earlier today that nearly 1,500 homes have now been verified as destroyed and damaged in Geyan district, Paktika province.

CWSA is coordinating with local stakeholders and international partners through meetings and teams are deployed to Paktika to assess the situation and identify immediate needs for its response.

Most of the casualties found so far have been in the Geyan and Barmal districts of Paktika.
Most families residing in the affected region live under the poverty line and are unable to reconstruct their homes again.
Houses were reduced to rubble and many people are still trapped under it.
CWSA’s Emergencies team is conducting survey to select affected-families for cash for food assistance in Geyan District of Afghanistan.
Many of the earthquake affected families are now living in makeshift tents.


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