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DurationApr 01, 2015Mar 31, 2018
LocationDistrict Umerkot, Thatta, Sindh Province
Key Activities
  • Developing women’s skills in embroidery, dying, block printing and quilting through vocational training;
  • Formation of Women’s Enterprise Groups;
  • Training of women with basic literacy and numeracy skills as Sales and Marketing Agents;
  • Training of skilled women as Quality Assurance Supervisors;
  • Gender awareness activities to sensitize communities on gender discrimination and encourage support of women’s income-generation, control over resources and household decision-making;
  • Formation of Household Gender Action Groups
Participants700 women in vocational training
3,080 immediate and 7,560 extended household members benefitting from increased income
1,400 men and community members benefitting directly from gender sensitization activities
3,450 community members sensitized on gender issues through Gender Action Groups

DurationOct 01, 2013Sep 01, 2016
LocationPunjab and Sindh provinces, Pakistan
Key Activities
  • Awareness-raising workshops educating participants about democracy and discrimination against religious minority communities
  • Training workshops to equip participants with advocacy skills
  • Development and performance of theater pieces by youth from religious minorities within their communities to promote awareness of their rights
  • Peer activities conducted by students to promote awareness among the student body of issues of discrimination
  • Building relationships between university students and youth from religious minorities to create strong links and networks across social divides
Participants200 university students
56 young people from religious minority communities

According to the statistics there is a lot of youth in Pakistan so they have the power to change the nation.

Adnan Nasir, student at University of Central Punjab

I have learned about the actual meaning of democracy and also learned what should be my behavior as a good citizen.

Nazish Jabeen, student at University of Agriculture

DurationDec 01, 2011Nov 30, 2014
LocationQarghai, Alingar, Alishang, and Dawlat Shah districts of Laghman
Key Activities
  • Construction of delivery rooms
  • Enhancement of services in new and existing health facilities
  • Provision of health education
  • Provision of mother and child health services
Participants26,811 women of childbearing age, their spouses, and children

"Women are happy with the maternal health services that have started here. People are usually unable to afford proper health services and have to travel a long distance to reach them"

28 year old pregnant woman during a visit to Chapdarya sub-health center

"I was malnourished and had micronutrient deficiency, but now, I am healthy. I regularly come for antenatal check-ups and attended health education sessions and cooking demonstrations. My capacity has increased, and I am receiving proper care. I believe I will safely carry this baby to delivery."

Grana, a 30 year old woman from Nangarhar

"Our problems are solved and we are helped when we come to this health facility."

Bakhzarina, a mother from Nangarhar