Start Fund Anticipation Window

Start Fund Anticipation Window


The Start Network officially launched the Start Fund Anticipation Window last week, which enables NGOs to prepare when they see a crisis coming and respond early to mitigate the predicted impacts.

By creating a systematic way for Start Network members to use forecasting information, and with funding to enable forecast-based interventions, the Anticipation Window aims to catalyse a more anticipatory approach to humanitarian crises.

Improved access to forecasting information, analysis and funding helps agencies shift from a reactive model to an anticipatory one, saving lives and costs in the process.

The Start Fund has already supported interventions in anticipation of crises in a number of countries – Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Uganda, Zambia and Mali – and now aim to make this a normal part of the Start Fund.

Community World Service Asia, being a Start member, was able to save thousands of lives by timely responding to the Heatwave Crisis in Sindh, Pakistan this year, by receiving funding through this Anticipation Window initiative.

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