Applying – Contextualising – Learning Principles, Commitments and Standards through the Project Life in Humanitarian-Development-Peace Contexts

Virtual Workshop

2022 First Semester

Learning Sessions – Coaching Lab – Capitalisation of Experiences

When: Starting February 1st, 2022

Target Audience

  • National organisations first! Gender-sensitive selection.
  • Gender-sensitive selection
  • Both humanitarian and development actors
  • Participants from Asia, MENA Regions


  • Aid workers engaged in promoting Quality, AAP and Safeguarding
  • Have interest/ experience in implementing Quality, AAP and Safeguarding approaches and tools, and in managing projects or programmes,
  • Have a ‘good enough’ command of English,
  • Commit to attend all sessions (management endorsement, certificate of attendance).

Aim & Learning Objectives

This virtual workshop aims to gather and learn from committed professional humanitarian and development actors who are leaders in promoting and implementing Quality, AAP and Safeguarding throughout the project/programme cycle, update them on the latest developments and tools, and facilitate contextualisation, localisation and learning for future improvement.

By the end of this event, participants should be able to:

  1. Identify key initiatives and tools contributing to CHS-related topics.
  2. Outline the opportunities and challenges faced by humanitarian and development workers in contextualising and applying collectively principles, commitments and standards throughout the project/programme cycle.
  3. Describe strategies and means by which they and their colleagues can collaborate and coordinate better.
  4. Design an improvement plan on Quality, AAP and Safeguarding tailored to their context and assessed with a Do-no-harm lens


  • Five half day online sessions combining plenaries, debates, personal or pair assignments and studies, guided discussions in sub-groups, etc.
  • Coaching sessions to support the design of an improvement plan
  • Improvement plans with monitoring details, and
  • learning follow up through 2022

Shortlisted candidate will be informed through email by January 17, 2022.

Contact us at: qa.support@communityworldservice.asia