International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day


International Literacy Day (ILD), celebrated annually on September 8, shines a spotlight on global literacy needs. It celebrates and honors the five decades of national and international engagement, efforts and progress made to increase literacy rates around the world. Access to quality education has become increasingly difficult for marginalized communities in certain regions due to continuing instability and inequality.

We at, Community World Service Asia, strongly believe in the three pillars of quality education: Quality teaching; Quality tools for teaching and learning  and Quality environment for teaching and learning. And this is what we are celebrating and promoting this year on International Literacy Day. Through our Girls Education and Transformative Learning Project, we are investing in resources to educate children, youth, and teachers, our initiatives aim to develop skills, raise awareness and build the capacity of communities. Community World Service Asia strives to meet the contextual needs of different communities in order to support children to realize their right to education and their potential.

The brief video showcases the capacity building of teachers for a #SmartPlanet.

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