Human Resources

Human Resources

CWS-P/A currently employs more than 400 staff members who work in various offices in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The CWS-P/A team represents diversity in nationalities, ethnic and religious groups, and social and economic backgrounds.

Equal Opportunities Policy Statement

CWS strives to be an equal opportunity employer. As an ecumenical employer of staff, we aim to ensure that all job applicants, staff, consultants and/or volunteers, do not suffer unfair discrimination on the basis of their race, color, nationality, ethnic origin or religious belief, social class or casts, age, disability, marital status/family situation, or gender. We aim to ensure that all people with whom we work are valued for their contributions and are given the opportunity to realize their full potential within the organization. Recruitment, selection and other procedures try to ensure that individuals are given equal opportunity in recruitment, training and promotion, and are treated on the basis of their relevant abilities and merits according to the requirements of the job. Where appropriate, particular attention will be paid to the recruitment of people with disabilities, people of ethnic and religious minorities, and women. CWS is committed to a program of action to make this policy fully effective, and to this end constantly reviews the procedures, practices and guidelines that underpin this policy and monitors the results as appropriate. There may be occasions when nationality or family situations have to be taken into account, for example, during civil or other wars or when a balance of national and expatriate staff has been agreed for particular programs/offices. Any such exception will occur only after careful consideration in the light of the needs of our program and will be subject to review as circumstances change. Subject only to such situations, the principle of equal opportunities will apply to recruitment, promotion, transfer, training and all terms and conditions of employment. There are variations between the details of conditions for staff working in different offices, but these will be within the framework of the staff charter, and follow the underlying philosophies of CWS adapted to local contexts rather than a radical departure from them. CWS believes that following a policy of equality of opportunity will benefit not only the individual but will also benefit and enrich the organization as a whole.

Other Policies

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How to Apply

No current vacancies are posted.

Interested individuals are welcome to forward their CV to our HR department to be maintained in our database.


CWS-P/A offers internship opportunities each year.  Internships are designed for two levels of interns; level one is for current school/college students while level two is designed for university students and recent graduates. The internship program is designed to provide work experience in the INGO community at the national level. In addition to work experience, interns acquire a sense of work ethics and responsibility, learn to work in a diverse, team environment, and gain awareness of humanitarian and development work.

Interested candidates should send their CV with covering letter indicating area of interest for an internship to Interns are selected as required by CWS-P/A and its programs. CWS-P/A follows its Equal Opportunities Policy Statement when reviewing potential candidates.