Current Projects

DurationOct 01, 2015Sep 28, 2018
LocationDistrict Badin, Sindh Province, Pakistan
Key Activities
  • Trainings of farmers on sustainable production techniques through farmer field school (FFS) approach
  • Formation of community organizations
  • Sessions of target farmer on balanced diet
  • Sessions on Kitchen gardening
  • Sessions on CBDRM
  • Farmer field festivals and exposure visits
Participants650 farmer families

DurationApr 01, 2015Mar 31, 2018
LocationDistrict Umerkot, Thatta, Sindh Province
Key Activities
  • Developing women’s skills in embroidery, dying, block printing and quilting through vocational training;
  • Formation of Women’s Enterprise Groups;
  • Training of women with basic literacy and numeracy skills as Sales and Marketing Agents;
  • Training of skilled women as Quality Assurance Supervisors;
  • Gender awareness activities to sensitize communities on gender discrimination and encourage support of women’s income-generation, control over resources and household decision-making;
  • Formation of Household Gender Action Groups
Participants700 women in vocational training
3,080 immediate and 7,560 extended household members benefitting from increased income
1,400 men and community members benefitting directly from gender sensitization activities
3,450 community members sensitized on gender issues through Gender Action Groups