World Peace – an elusive dream

World Peace – an elusive dream


Peace begins with a smile” – Mother Teresa.

A beautiful and naturally abundant gift of the Lord, a smile, is something we, the mortals have forgotten to use. Who is to blame? Is it the persistent struggle for power and wealth; the economic systems; heavy influx of information; cross culturalism – or something else? No one knows. World peace is the one objective every great leader in the world has tried to achieve in history in order to make his or her mark in the world, but not one has fully succeeded.  Of all the things the world has lost in the past few decades, peace is what cannot be replaced.

All around the world movements, conferences, brotherhoods and fraternities, and organizations have been created to find a lasting solution for peace. However, the statistics related to attaining world peace keep falling by the day. How did the modern world come to this state? Let’s rewind and go back into history.

In ancient times, conflicts, fights, and wars were confined to vicinity called the “battlefield.” Once declared, both parties fought their hearts out on the battlefields for a specific duration and one emerged as the winner, while the other, the loser. However, long gone are the days when disagreements were confined to a physical fight on the battleground. Modern definition of warfare is not fixed, sadly. There are innovative means of conflict resolution and gaining control over the opposing side every passing day. Fights are no longer confined within a field or between armies.

The Second World War was a war that caused the most impact on the current state of world peace. On August 6, 1945 the US  dropped a small atomic bomb on a Japanese city of Hiroshima. The whole city was brought down to flames within a second’s time. Another city of Japan, Nagasaki, faced a similar fate three days later when the series of the world’s first nuclear bombs was exercised there, too. The dynamics of world peace changed here onwards.

The world was divided into two blocks and each country of either block suffered heavily. Owing to the needs of world peace, the United Nations was officially established in October, 1945. The United Nations is the single largest organization working for world peace on principles of conciliation, arbitration, and by physical intervention against the culprit country in acute cases. Although charged with allegations of being biased towards some member states, the United Nations is the single international organization that holds responsibility for the prevalence of peace all around the world.

Perhaps each one of us has a role to play in the achievement of world peace – a responsibility we easily shun aside. How often do we ask ourselves what we have done to make this world a better place for people to harmoniously live in? Have we ignored flaws and cherished the kindness of fellow peers? When everybody takes a vow, as an individual, together as a nation, and then collectively as constituents of this universe, to make conscious efforts to attain peace in our surroundings, we will see this world turn into a better place for us to live in and for our children to grow up in.

When we strive to treat others in a just and fair manner, as a family, there would be no conflict and the rest would follow. We need to be agents of change in this society and promote feelings of goodwill and charity. As individuals, we should start making an impact on our immediate surroundings, such as family, friends, and colleagues and we will witness that peace will have found its foundations in the society at large. As a nation, we need to focus on internal issues and the welfare of people rather than intervene in neighbor countries’ affairs. Democracy or no democracy, every country must be governed according to the wishes of its people and not by what other countries feel is right for them. We cannot expect any peace in this world unless we learn to give to others and treat them fairly and honestly. Mahatma Gandhi rightly said: “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.


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