TL&D and Quality Education

TL&D and Quality Education


Pakistan and Afghanistan face critical challenges in providing education to their young people. National education indicators in both countries are amongst the lowest in South Asia. Teachers in Pakistan and Afghanistan, therefore, have a vital role to play in the lives and futures of these countries’ young people. 
In order to prepare children to be motivated learners, the project will build a foundation for the attitudes, knowledge, and skills that are vital to meet current and future challenges. The program is envisaged to recognize, value, and encourage the development of characteristics that will be needed in rapid changing times. Among those will be the ability to:
• Meet and affect change
• Be critical thinkers, able to make choices
• Be creative, imaginative, and resourceful
• Be concerned with community, country, and environment
The project is an attempt to transform and improve skills, knowledge and attitudes through intensive teachers’ trainings on pedagogical skills and classroom supplies to 10 classrooms.


Duration of the Project June 1, 2013 – May 30, 2014
Program Area Capacity Building Program (CBP)
Thematic Area(s) Education
Implementation areas (Districts) Sindh, Pakistan and Nangarhar, Afghanistan
Total Beneficiaries
  • 40 Teachers
  • 30 Parents/community members
  • 800 Children (indirect)
Description of Beneficiaries

Teachers, principles, family & community members and children from marginalized community

Type of Intervention Capacity Building through teacher’s trainings and refresher courses on early childhood educaton


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