Success in Health Work Continues in Afghanistan

Success in Health Work Continues in Afghanistan


CWS-P/A is among a limited number of organizations that recently received recognition for health work in Afghanistan. Within the last month, six awards were presented to CWS-P/A’s health team from the Nangarhar and Laghman health directorates. The health program received an appreciation letter from the Nangarhar Public Health Directorate for its T.B. control, awareness, and capacity building program. CWS-P/A along with a few other agencies are recipients of appreciation letters that acknowledge good performance for T.B. control. Additionally, the Directorate appreciated the services of Dr. Khalid Qurishee, Health Management Information System (HMIS) Officer for his role in supporting the Nangarhar Public Health team in the development of financial plans.

Mother and Child Health Coordinators (MCH), Dr. Shakira, Dr. Roqia, and senior trainer, Dr. Mah Jan, also received awards from the Laghman Public Health Directorate for their services and for their well-organized and excellent behavior with patients. Together, these awards reflect the commitment of CWS-P/A’s dedicated health workers. Their team work and solution-oriented approaches continue to make CWS-P/A’s health facilities in the provinces of Nangarhar and Laghman widely appreciated.

Dr. Jan Mohammad, Health Program Coordinator in Afghanistan shares, “Our program has monthly supervision plans for each health facility. This helps in providing feedback and deciding action plans to fill any gaps.” The doctor regards this as an important aspect of collaboration and team work among health staff members and the relationship in providing communities with quality health services.

Coordination of the health activities with both health directorates since CWS-P/A began working more than a decade ago in Afghanistan is a positive factor in the delivery of quality health services to the communities. The work is monitored routinely by the health councils. These council members comprise of local community elders that represent their community. The joint vocation of the directorates and community elders has been instrumental in supporting CWS-P/A’s role to serve communities. Due to the active role and acceptance of the community, CWS-P/A is able to effectively provide health education, following which the community members make informed decisions about their health and seek assistance when required. These decisions are the foundation for decreasing the presence of preventable diseases and reducing the mother and infant mortality rate in these areas.

Appreciation is foremost extended to the communities in Laghman and Nangarhar for their commitment to improve their lives and for enabling CWS-P/A to help foster an environment for sustainable change. CWS-P/A once more would like to thank the health departments of Nangarhar and Laghman, the international support from partners, and all other stakeholders that help promote and support health assistance for these communities.


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