Situation Update: Winter Concerns Add to the Many Challenges

Situation Update: Winter Concerns Add to the Many Challenges


The meteorological department has forecasted widespread rain from Tuesday to Thursday in southern Balochistan and lower Sindh. With the onset of winter adding to the challenges of affected families, shelter, particularly winterized, remains greatly needed. The plight of affected families is also being worsened by sky-rocketing food prices. Recently the country has witnessed high prices in almost all of the basic essentials. Reports have also shown medicines in Pakistan costing much more than neighboring India.


All in all, surviving families are facing difficult times with the future seemingly more challenging. As vast areas of land still remain under water, families are threatened with long-term food insecurity. Before the wheat planting season draws to an end in late November, only a few families may be able to plant and benefit from their home grown production. Moreover, discussions with affected families in Sindh by CWS-P/A’s field staff members have revealed depleted food stocks of both vegetables and wheat. This will push affected families into greater hardships to provide meals and particularly to large families.

Lately, the government has stressed on the need for a permanent country-wide drainage plan. Local authorities have been informed to prioritize the clearing of floodwater owing to winter and the Rabi (winter) planting season. While national and international media attention continues to diminish, the current situation and long-term outlook worsens for the displaced and surviving families in Sindh.

CWS-P/A Response

CWS-P/A completed the distribution of food packages to 2,000 families in Mirpurkhas District and Umerkot District. This was possible with support from the Canadian Foodgrains Bank through Presbyterian World Service and Development.

This week CWS-P/A will distribute nonfood items in Badin District and Mirpurkhas District, which is part of the ACT Preliminary Appeal.

Through the ACT Preliminary Appeal, CWS-P/A plans to assist 48,000 affected individuals in four districts: Badin, Thatta, Umerkot, and Mirpurkhas. The relief assistance comprises of food packages for 2,000 families for two months, nonfood items and temporary shelter for 4,000 families, and mobile health services to 12,000 individuals. Food packages meet or exceed Sphere minimum standards as follows: 2,248 kilocalories per person per day (107% of standard); 12% of calories from protein (100% of standard); and 17.8% of calories from fats (104.7% of standard). NFIs and health services are also according to Sphere standards.

CWS-P/A continues active coordination at the national, provincial, and district levels.


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