Situation Update: North Waziristan Operation – FDMA scrambles to provide for IDPs”

Situation Update: North Waziristan Operation – FDMA scrambles to provide for IDPs”



On June 16, 2014, locals in North Waziristan asked the government to ensure safe passage to leave the tribal agency after the authorities blocked all roads from the area ahead of the military operation. FATA Disaster Management Authority (FDMA) Director General Arshad Khan said that unless the curfew in the area is lifted, the FDMA is unable to help those stranded in the area. “We will provide free transport to tribesmen wishing to leave once the curfew is lifted,” he said. Arshad Khan explained that during previous operations in the region, the FDMA was given at least two weeks warning in order to finalize provisions for aid and the sudden operation has left the FDMA scrambling to provide for an estimated 600,000 IDPs.

The registration of displaced people on the Bannu-Miramshah Road has commenced. The FDMA director general shared that migration toward Bannu has been underway since May 22 where security sources confirmed that camps have been established. “So far, we have registered 4,350 families, with 60,000 individuals including women and children,” he said.

Some families, however, left the agency before the operation was officially launched, and those people opted to move to Afghanistan as it is closer than the settled areas of KP. According to independent sources around 20,000 tribesmen from Miramshah, Mirali, and Ghulam Khan tehsils have evacuated their houses and travelled to Afghanistan. Sources say many families are staying on the outskirts of Khost Province, where the Afghan government has allocated roughly 4.04 square kilometers of land for tribesmen fleeing Waziristan.

In a meeting convened by UNOCHA, it was shared that the registration is being carried out by FDMA. PDMA (Provincial Disaster Management Authority) would be looking after the in-camp IDPs and FDMA the off-camp IDPs. Overall, PDMA has a contingency plan for six months targeting 10,000 IDP families. FDMA has already established a camp at Bakakhel area of the Frontier Region of Bannu, and yet no displaced family has been reported at the camp. Some reports say that they could not stay there as the militants had hurled threats at them by circulating leaflets around the camp.

PDMA shared that currently the provincial and FATA authorities have no plan to request assistance from the humanitarian community.

Since the start of the operation, the security situation across the country is on heightened high alert.

CWS-P/A Response:

Currently CWS-P/A is closely monitoring the situation and is in contact with local partners and concerned Government departments. Should any need arise, CWS-P/A emergency teams are ready to start its response program.


OCHA Meeting Minutes


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