Situation Update: Monsoon rainfall increases death toll to staggering 160

Situation Update: Monsoon rainfall increases death toll to staggering 160



Recent reports state that 160 people have died and several others injured as monsoon rains continue to wreak havoc across Punjab and Azad Jammu & Kashmir over the last three days. Most of the deaths were caused by collapsing roofs and electrocution in the rain and flood affected areas.

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) earlier reported that continuous rains may result in river flooding which could inundate vast swatches of land in Punjab. Officials shared that due to flash floods in the Kashmir region, River Jhelum and River Neelum are near to overflowing at some places. Official reports also confirmed that high flood level is being witnessed in River Chenab at the Marala Headworks.

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has accelerated rescue and relief operations. In Qadirabad, a city in Punjab, 0.6 million cusecs of water has entered the lands. Similarly, in Zafarwal, another city in Punjab, drains have burst and rain water has made its way to small villages and residential areas. Young people and members of the army are continuing to provide assistance to those who are trapped across several villages. The local police engage in assisting affected people and are arranging cars to transport people to safety.

Between two and three feet of water from River Jhelum has entered towns in Azad Jammu & Kashmir. As a result, many have drowned while others climbed trees to reach safety. Many areas and towns are now on high alert.

CWS-P/A Response:

Currently CWS-P/A’s emergency response teams are in field to get an overview of the situation and will plan its response plan accordingly.



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