Situation Update: Flash Floods in Kohistan Claim More Lives

Situation Update: Flash Floods in Kohistan Claim More Lives


Recent reports indicate that at least 80 confirmed deaths have occurred due to the flooding in Kohistan. Dozens of people are missing. Media reports that nearly 50 houses have been completely damaged while washing away the entire village of Gabrial after two days of continuous rain. Reports on further damage have yet to be issued and communication is limited. Bridges and roads damaged by last year’s flooding catastrophe have not yet been repaired, thus, hindering relief and rescue operations as reported by the acting head of disaster management in the province.


Media reports have revealed that two helicopters have initiated services to deliver food and non-food items to affected areas in Kohistan.

CWS-P/A Response:

CWS-P/A has health teams from an ongoing project in other parts of Kohistan which were on standby in case health services were needed. During the meeting with EDO Health and DCO, it was agreed that CWS-P/A would take lead for initial health response; however, the helicopter service has yet to be available. The health staff (a doctor and pharmacist) continue to wait for expected helicopters to reach affected areas in Kohistan. CWS-P/A’s emergency response team is also on standby.


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