Situation Alert: Darel Valley Flash Floods: More than 70 houses washed away,...

Situation Alert: Darel Valley Flash Floods: More than 70 houses washed away, 3000 people displaced



Around 3,000 people have been displaced, 70 houses washed away, and 120 houses have been damaged due to flooding in Gumari Nalah of Tehsil Darel in Diamer District located in Gilgit Baltistan Province.

The floods hit the valley on the night of July 4. On the same night a 5.2 magnitude earthquake had also hit the valley at almost the same time.

Apparently, the scale of the disaster remained unknown for almost two days due to the remoteness of the valley as well as due to a sense of panic created by an attack on a police station two days prior and the resultant launching of a search operation by security agencies in Darel Valley.

As per reports, the displaced people currently face difficulties due to the absence of relief and support.

So far, no government or non-governmental agencies have reached the valley to assist the affected families.

Previously in 2010 and 2011, Diamer District was affected by rain related floods and almost 100 people lost their lives in two major disasters in the Khainar area.

Settlements in the valley have been built in dangerous locations, mainly on slopes and at the bottom of the hills, like other parts of Gilgit-Baltistan. Diamer is one of the most neglected districts of Gilgit-Baltistan in terms of disaster preparedness while the government and other humanitarian agencies’ lack of attention has further made the communities vulnerable, adding to miseries of the people and putting their lives at risk.

CWS-P/A Response:

Currently CWS-P/A is closely monitoring the situation. Should any need arise, CWS-P/A emergency teams are ready to start its response program.




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