Recent Awards Reflect Stakeholders’ and Staff Commitment

Recent Awards Reflect Stakeholders’ and Staff Commitment


Church World Service-Pakistan/Afghanistan (CWS-P/A) is pleased to announce two distinctions it recently received. Today, the organization was awarded for having a standard of excellence in governance and project delivery. The award was given by Greenacre Associates Ltd, a capacity building partner company of the British High Commission (BHC). Over the past year, Greenacre worked with organizations implementing projects funded through the BHC and provided training for support programs including operations and finance. The award is a reflection of the dedicated staff and program practices that contribute to the effective implementation of projects. It also reflects the staff ownership and organizational institutionalization of commitments to standards, quality, and accountability.

Recently, CWS-P/A received recognition from the Nangarhar Public Health Directorate in Afghanistan for excellent performance of its health activities and services in the province. Since 1997, CWS-P/A has operated a health program in Afghanistan. The comprehensive program contributes to decreasing the presence of preventable diseases, decreasing infant and mother mortality and morbidity, and increasing good health and hygiene practices through awareness and health education. The achievements of the program are due to the long-term support of international partners and the staff and volunteers who make the work possible. Without the support and cooperation of the government and the communities, none of the achievements would be possible. It is the overall collaboration and commitment toward improving the quality of life and access to basic rights which help bring lasting, positive change.

CWS-P/A would like to thank the BHC and the health department in Nangarhar for their support and continued dedication. An extended appreciation goes to all the stakeholders including the communities, staff, government departments, local partners, and international partners who all play a vital role in the achievements CWS-P/A helps bring to communities. 


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