Press Release: Launching Ceremony of The Election Compendium (1970-2008)

Press Release: Launching Ceremony of The Election Compendium (1970-2008)


On April 3, 2013 the launching event of The Election Compendium, a joint venture between Church World Service-Pakistan/Afghanistan and Punjab Lok Sujag took place at the Indus Hotel, Hyderabad, Sindh Province. Over one hundred participants including students, youth groups, civil society activists, and lawyers attended the launch ceremony.

From CWS-P/A, Mansoor Raza, Deputy Director, shared the organization’s contributions toward electoral awareness and highlighted the Publications of Profiles for 15 National Assembly constituencies in 2008.

Accessibility to information by key stakeholders including political parties, media, civil society, and the electors makes a real difference in the commitment toward the delivery of free, fair, and credible elections. Through this compendium and previous publications including National Assembly Elections in Pakistan (1970-2008) and Religious Minorities in Pakistan’s Elections, CWS-P/A continues to conduct and publish elections related research.

Tahir Mehdi, the brain behind the publication shared the objectives of the compendium.  Also present at the launching event was Mr. Ram Parkash who highlighted useful details to the readers.  He said, “It is a really historic document and would contribute in the progress of true democracy by empowering the electoral stakeholders for free and fair election”. He further appreciated that CWS-P/A has set a milestone by making electoral information easily accessible to key stakeholders including political parties, media, civil society and the electors as this will enhance their level of confidence in and ownership of the process besides improving the quality of their participation.

The event concluded with a question and answer session from guests and a second launching ceremony is scheduled to take place on April 5 in Mirpurkhas District, Sindh Province.


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