Opening Ceremony Held for Model Dairy Farm and Training Center

Opening Ceremony Held for Model Dairy Farm and Training Center


On June 23, 2009, CWS-P/A and its implementing partner, Hashoo Foundation, opened a model dairy farm in Boli Balakot.  Attended by a large number of community members and more than fifty project beneficiaries, the event signified the attraction to this modern dairy farm.  Dr. Muqarab Ali Khan, Director Livestock Research Station, was the chief guest while Qari Muhmood, Ex-Provincial Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, presided over the ceremony.

Through one hundred seventy-five planned training sessions, approximately three hundred farming families, a majority of which are female-headed households or from vulnerable segments of society, will learn scientific techniques in livestock management and dairy farming. Sessions will cover topics including livestock management, animal housing, animal disease management, feed and fodder development, breed improvement, and dairy product development and marketing.

Currently, female-headed dairy farming families rely on minimal daily output of approximately five liters per day.  By using the modern techniques, these families are expected to at least double the daily milk output.  Additionally, the training center will educate and provide the women with skills to expand their dairy products to include cheese and yogurt. Increased output combined with new marketing skills will enable the women to generate more income for their families.  Increased income will improve quality of life and enable them to send their children to school and also afford medicines and other food items. 

The dairy farm is part of CWS-P/A’s Expanded Dairy Development Program which is supported by Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst-EED.


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