Massive Displacement caused by Conflict between Taliban and ISIS in Nangarhar Province,...

Massive Displacement caused by Conflict between Taliban and ISIS in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan

In the past few years the number of internally displaced people has reached about 683,000 persons due to fighting between the Afghan government and Taliban fighters. According to local BBC news and information received locally by Community World Service Asia staff, hundreds of families have currently been displaced from several districts of Nangarhar Province to the provincial capital city of Nangarhar and to the district capitals in eastern Afghanistan due to fighting between Taliban and ISIS. The fighting has been ongoing since the last few weeks, and the displacement from Battikot district of Nangarhar has been confirmed by a spokesman of Nangarhar, Governor Mr. Ahmadzia Abdulzai. Within the first week of the conflict, more than 120 families were displaced from the Nazyan district of Nangarhar. Additionally, the displacement of more families was reported from Kote, Batikut, Achin Shinwari, Khugaini and other districts of Nangarhar.

The ACBAR and INSO Nangarhar office yesterday shared that the number of IDPs from different rural parts of the province to the Jalalabad city specifically, and the district capitals (where the government has strong presence) is expected to increase.

Although no assessment has been completed yet, initial reports identified shelter, food, NFIs, drinking water and health as immediate needs.

Response: Community World Service Asia will closely monitor the situation and will continue to share updates.


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