Local Capacities for Peace to Combat Religious Extremism

Local Capacities for Peace to Combat Religious Extremism


CWS-P/A with its Nepali partner launched a pilot program on “Youth and Religious Extremism”, jointly in Pakistan and Nepal under the banner of Local Capacities for Peace. The proposed intervention aims at achieving the following goals:
• Train grass-root level teachers on different concepts of peace building so that they can play their role in building a cohesive society
• Counter the trend of religious radicalization amongst the countries’ youth and in turn stem the steady erosion of certain key fundamental freedoms
• Through initiation of dialogue and awareness-raising at the community level, enhance respect for diverse religious traditions in a pluralistic society
• Raise awareness amongst the youth to respect the right of every individual for freedom of thought, conscience and religion
• Explore ways in which faith groups can act together for local harmony, peace and conflict resolution
• Through a better understanding of peace education, prepare youth to become productive and contributing members of the society

Duration of the project January 2012 – December 2014 (3 years)
Program Area Capacity Building Program (CBP)
Thematic Area(s) Peace and Governance
Cross Cutting Themes Peace Building, Do No Harm
Implementation areas (Districts) Pakistan and Nepal
Total Beneficiaries
  • 60 teachers
  • 30 Schools
  • 5 Youth of Nepal
  • 4000 Youth of Pakistan
  • Several thousand beneficiary communities
Description of Beneficiaries

Teachers, school going children, youth of Pakistan and Nepal and communities as a whole including civic organizations, community organizations and volunteers.

Type of Intervention

New editions of curriculum and workbook, its printing and orientation; trainings of teachers, refresher courses and exposure visits of teachers, youth camps and training on LCP/DNH for Pakistani and Nepali youth, follow-up visits


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