Internally Displaced People from Tirah Valley are in Need of Help

Internally Displaced People from Tirah Valley are in Need of Help



The heavy clashes between the rival armed groups and subsequent military operation against the militants have resulted in a huge displacement of thousands of families from Tirah Valley of Khyber Agency in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). According to UNHCR, as of May 1, 2013, 11,404 families have been displaced and registered, while officials estimate that it will reach to 20,000 families in coming days and will remain in displacement for up to six months due to on-going military operation and uncertainty as well instability in the area

No. of Families Men+18 Women+18 Children -18 Grand Total
11,404 12,566 11,702 30,926 55,194

The displaced people have sought refuge in Kohat, Hangu and Kurram Agency and almost 91% of them are living in off-camp settlements with host community. These IDP families travelled on foot from Tirah to Orakzai Agency (journeys which took between 8 hours and 2 days) as there was no transportation available. With no roads to follow, families were forced to walk across mountainous terrain, often barefoot, and in the rain which resulted in a large number of individuals, particularly children, elderly and women, becoming sick and injured along the way.

Last year, a significant number of IDPs all came down to Peshawar, but due to mounting security crisis in the Peshawar, the government directed all the IDPs to move south towards Kohat and Khuram Agency. Authorities have stopped all humanitarian actors from responding to the Tirah Valley IDP’s in Peshawar. This is a big protection concern for the humanitarian actors. Advocacy with authorities are ongoing to permit assistance to the vulnerable IDP population in Peshawar as some of them might not be able to move to Kohat or Khuram agency. The option of mobile registration in Peshawar is under consideration but no final decision has been made on this by the authorities as yet.

From the recent influx of IDPs, majority of the IDPs initially moved to Kurram Agency and around 500 IDP families in Kohat as of third week of April.

However, April 27, 2013 a new registration point at Jerma in Kohat District was established which attracted majority of the IDPs to take shelter in Kohat District. The number of registered families in Kohat after one day was 626 while on May 1, it stood at 3,489 families, due to which the number of registered IDPs from Tirah Valley has exponentially gone up and has increased by 36% of the total IDPs in a time span of only one week. There are reports that numbers of IDPs do not have their CNICs which is a main source for verification and registration and there are number of people who have their CNICs but do not have the correct address of Tirah Valley. This means they will not be registered under the current registration criteria. Hence, these people will be left without any assistance.

The registration points will be closed in Kohat between May 6 and 13 due to upcoming election in Pakistan. Once the registration is resumed from May 13, the number of registered IDPs is expected to increase.

At the moment, UNHCR is registering the IDPs through Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), WFP is providing food, UNHCR is providing NFIs and Tents in New durrani camp through CERD.

As families had left their homes in a hurry, they had no provisions with them for shelter, medication, water or food, and had to sleep in the open-air. Therefore, urgent assistance is required for all IDP families with all types of assistance being prioritized (food, temporary shelter, NFIs, healthcare, cash assistance, water).

CWS-P/A Response:

CWS-P/A is planning to conduct a Rapid Need Assessment to get more information on the situation and the identified gaps to plan for the emergency response for IDPs recently displaced from Tirah Valley, Khyber Agency.



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