Fact Sheet 11: Pakistan Floods

Fact Sheet 11: Pakistan Floods


Issued: September 23, 2010, 9:58 p.m.

Though the residual onslaught of the Floods 2010 continues, front pages of main stream media are now filled with political news items of more journalistic importance. It is evident from various news blogs that people have started reconstruction on their own.  Meanwhile, Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani has said losses worth six to seven billion dollars have been recorded from the floods in the country so far. The funding scenario is also far from promising.  Latest developments between September 19, 2010 and September 23, 2010 are:

  • The United Nations has started gathering new pledges newly issues appeal of record 2 billion. Norway more than tripled its emergency aid to Pakistan top $ 66 million.
  • China is to give another $ 200 million in emergency flood aid to Pakistan, Premier Wen Jiabao announced during a visit to New York for a UN anti-poverty summit.
  • The British government says that it will give another 70 million pounds (about $ 110 million) to the Pakistan Flood relief efforts.
  • Pakistan on Friday night received $ 451 million of Emergency Natural Disaster Assistance (ENDA) from International Monetary Fund (IMF) for flood victims.
  • The German public has donated $ 210 million for the flood victims of Pakistan.
  • Floods are likely to make a dent of $ 1.6 billion in Pakistan’s trade as exports are expected to shrink while imports will rise, shows the latest assessment released by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
  • UN says that 5 to 6 percent of all schools have been damaged by floods and the damaged school figure crosses the figure of 10,000, all over the country.
  • The inflation has alarmingly recharged up-to 20.3 percent mainly because of the adverse impact of the flood. 
  • The approximate 0.4 million is the number of Watan cards to be distributed amongst the flood victims.
  • The estimated loss to agriculture sector of Pakistan in recent flash floods is over Rupees. 300 billion ($ 3.53 billion).
  • In 37 flood-hit districts of the country 7 million children will be vaccinated against measles and polio.
  • More than 1.4 million people across Sindh have been forced to leave their homes and are being sheltered in about 3100 sites spread all over the province.
  • In the next three months 52,500 women are expected to deliver babies across different camps in Sindh.
  • 15 days have gone by since Johi’s land route to other adjacent areas has been disconnected.
  • The army has distributed 9 million cooked food packets among flood survivors across the country by the army.
  • Pakistan Microfinance Network, has reported that floods has affected 40 percent of small borrowers.
  • Eight breaches in Mancchar lake embankment and in main Nara Valley Drain at zero point further widened to 500 feet each on Tuesday and water gushing form there has flooded over 12 villages in Dal and Bubak union councils. 100,000 people have been displaced due to the current out pour of water from the lake.
  • Pakistan Army has provided medical treatment to 160,954 patients during the last 48 hours in Sindh.
  • Sindh Chief minister mentioned that preliminary summary of flood losses in Sindh has been estimated up to $ 5.3 billion.
  • In another estimate it was mentioned that Sindh floods has damaged 104 police stations, 24 quarters and 35 posts.

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