CWS-P/A’s Quality and Accountability Paper

CWS-P/A’s Quality and Accountability Paper


As the need for sharing and learning best practices and challenges in implementation of quality and accountability among humanitarian actors remains crucial thus CWS-P/A aims to ensure that all relevant agencies including INGOs, NGOs, UN, donors, universities and government agencies playing an active role in disaster response and rehabilitation in Asia-Pacific are given the opportunity to implement quality and accountability (Q&A) approaches and tools in their work.

The Q&A document, Promoting and Implementing Quality and Accountability in Asia-Pacific Since 2005, is a review conducted by CWS-P/A. It contains an overview of CWS-P/A’s key work since 2005 and its achievements. It also includes case studies and a SWOT analysis of the organization’s processes and services related to quality and accountability and some strategic recommendations to promote quality and accountability.

The document can be accessed at the following link:


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