CWS-P/A Encourages its Partners to Strive for Accountability

CWS-P/A Encourages its Partners to Strive for Accountability


CWS-P/A, over the past several years, has emphasized and enhanced its committment to accountability. In 2008, the organization became a full member of Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (HAP) and is currently working toward HAP certification. Along the way, CWS-P/A has also become the focal point for HAP in Pakistan, providing training, information, and assistance to interested organizations and partners in the region.

Recently, CWS-P/A issued the following letter to partners in order to inform them about its accountability initiatives as well as to encourage them to strive for the same:

Dear Colleague,

Greeting from CWS-P/A!

Church World Service-Pakistan/Afghanistan is continuously evolving as an organization committed to Accountability and Transparency. Over the last few years, we have successfully achieved new benchmarks and standards, to serve our beneficiaries better. And we aim to strengthen this process further, hence, making our organization more accountable to the ones we serve.

In this endeavor, we would like to take you on board, as we share our success with our partners, through their commitments and support to make our work qualitative and accountable.

One of the significant steps we would like to highlight is establishing Quality Management System, and becoming members of HAP International, demonstrating our commitments to adhere to the HAP principles while we continue to respond and rehabilitate the disaster affected vulnerable communities, under our humanitarian work. We are in process of incorporating HAP standards within our policies and procedures, and we are adapting them within the Monitoring Framework of our programs.

CWS-P/A, is a member of HAP International since 2008, and is progressively working to achieve the certification in near future. We also encourage our partners to strive to achieve these standards in Humanitarian Accountability and Management as a matter of principle. We are enclosing material that would provide valuable information, with regard to achieving this goal. 

The ever-changing dynamics of the current global scenario and the recent downtrend in the world’s developed economies and its repercussions have seen realignment in practices all over the world. The humanitarian sector is not isolated and does not function in a vacuum. It is perhaps, more vulnerable than other sectors, therefore, the need for establishing standards is far greater now, than it was ever before.

We look forward to walk this journey together with our partners, and hope to achieve greater standards of Best Humanitarian Practices on Accountability.

Best Regards,

Zainab Raza

Deputy Director – Organizational Development


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