CWS-P/A Conducts a Seminar on Reproductive Health

CWS-P/A Conducts a Seminar on Reproductive Health


Church World Service-Pakistan/Afghanistan initiated a project, “Euroleverage Pakistan,” with collaboration and support from German Foundation for World Population. The project aimed to address the issue of assessing and mobilizing resources for reproductive health in Pakistan by NGOs and developmental agencies working in the focus area.

CWS-P/A organized a one-day seminar with various stakeholders including parliamentarians, National Standing Committee for Health, health experts, and other donors working for reproductive health issues in the country.

The seminar was held at PIPS-Parliament Lodges, Islamabad on August 5, 2009. A total of twenty-five participants were present at the occasion. It is noteworthy that the CWS-P/A initiative was supported by members of the National Committee for Health and prominent parliamentarians.

Dr. Mehreen Razzaq Bhutto (MNA), Parliamentary Secretary for Health, and Dr. Nadeem Ahsan, Chairman National Standing Committee for Health, co-chaired the session to share the new initiatives taken by the Ministry of Health and the parliamentarians for addressing the issue of reproductive health and population boom that threatens Pakistan by 2050 with having the fifth largest population in the world.

Also, present at the occasion were senior parliamentarians including Begum Hasnain (MNA-PPP), Dr. Doniya Aziz, Parliamentary Secretary for Ministry of Population Welfare, Yasmeen Rehman (MNA-PPP), and Dr. Fazal Tariq (MNA).

The CWS-P/A team was also present at the event and our recently published documentary, “The Hidden Truth,” received an animated response from the participants.

At the end of the day, a group also prepared a list of recommendations including a strong political will to make reproductive health a national priority, focus involvement and participation of stakeholders, resource allocation for the issue, reliable data and statistics on reproductive health issues, and public-private partnership.



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