CWS-P/A and The Sphere Project Renew Partnership

CWS-P/A and The Sphere Project Renew Partnership


CWS-P/A collaborates closely with The Sphere Project to promote awareness and encourage implementation of the Sphere minimum standards for disaster response. Since 2011, CWS-P/A has been the Sphere regional partner in Asia. Based on a review of CWS-P/A’s role in the region and the findings that reiterated the value addition of this role, CWS-P/A and The Sphere Project recently renewed this partnership until 2016.

As part of CWS-P/A’s role in promoting quality and accountability initiatives in Asia, CWS-P/A supports Sphere country focal points and other organizations that promote quality and accountability. CWS-P/A in collaboration with the Sphere Project held for the first time a Sphere Focal Point Forum in Bangkok, Thailand in 2011. As the regional partner, CWS-P/A organized regional training opportunities which benefited 400 individuals from 40 organizations. More than 1,000 copies of the Sphere Handbook (2011) were distributed to humanitarians throughout Asia.  CWS-P/A has been actively developing and translating materials, which include a workbook on quality and accountability, and most recently a publication on Quality and Accountability for Project Cycle Management (PCM). The PCM publication is available in English, while French, Urdu, and Dari versions will be available.

Credit goes to the Sphere country focal points and dedicated organizations for their commitment in strengthening a community of Sphere practitioners in Asia and for ongoing efforts and resources in promoting quality and accountability. Current active sphere country focal points include Agency Coordination Body for Afghan Relief (ACBAR) in Afghanistan, Sphere Group Bangladesh, Radanar Ayar Rural Development Association in Burma, Masyarakat Penanggulangan Bencana Indonesia/Indonesian Society for Disaster Management (MPBI), International Consortium for Refugees (ICRI) in Iran, Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC), DPNet Nepal, CWS-P/A, Lutheran World Relief in Philippines , Korea NGO Council for Overseas Cooperation (KCOC) in South Korea, Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies in Sri Lanka,  Sphere Working Group in Vietnam. Currently, CWS-P/A is supporting quality and accountability (Q&A) activities for organizations providing disaster response in the Philippines. CWS-P/A deployed a team in the Philippines for six months in collaboration with Lutheran World Relief who also initiated the Sphere Philippines Alliance. Through this partnership, training, technical assistance, and quality and accountability tools are being promoted amongst dozens of organizations at a crucial time for effective disaster response.

CWS-P/A is committed to continue efforts to promote, build capacity, and provide technical support for Q&A initiatives throughout Asia. Emphasis is placed on promoting Q&A not only during emergencies but also on the importance of Q&A during non-emergency times.


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