Children Rehabilitation Centre (Phase V), Bamyan

Children Rehabilitation Centre (Phase V), Bamyan


The project goal is to enhance the capacity of destitute children to develop their mental ability and daily-life management skills, orienting their behavior towards social cooperation and peace building. For a 12 month period, two shifts per day of schooling will be conducted for the selected beneficiaries. For every shift, subjects and activities will be offered which are designed to rehabilitate the children, such as child rights, human rights, information about Afghanistan and the world, health education, physical cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation, environmental education, protection peace building, mine awareness, children literature, art, basics of reading and writing, role play, discussion, speech contests, celebration of world days, etc.

Duration of the project July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014
Program Area Social Development Program (SDP)
Thematic Area(s) Education
Cross Cutting Themes Gender, Child Protection, Health & Hygiene
Implementation areas (Districts) Afghanistan, Bamyan Province, The Central District of Bamyan, Hazarajat
Total Beneficiaries 110
Description of Beneficiaries The number of direct beneficiaries from this project is 100 children (50 boys and 50 girls), 4 teachers and 5 project staff. The indirect beneficiaries would be the family members of these 100 children.
Type of Intervention


Download Fact Sheet icon Child Rehabilitation Centre in Bamyan: Fact Sheet (350.68 kB)


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