Capacity Institutionalization of Civil Society Organizations

Capacity Institutionalization of Civil Society Organizations


Capacity Institutionalization Project (CIP) demonstrates clear ownership toward partner CSOs through provision of various skill trainings and workshops. The project aims at strengthening institutions; improving efficiency over the period, CWS-P/A has become a trend-setter in capacity building in the region by introducing and piloting new approaches and initiatives, from its strong follow-up mechanism, long-term partnerships, interactive theatre, and online support to the packaged-approach of workshops.

Duration of the project January 1, 2012 – December 31, 2014 (3 years)
Program Area Capacity Building Program (CBP)
Thematic Area(s) Education
Cross Cutting Themes Capacity building
Implementation areas (Districts)
  • Punjab and Sindh, Pakistan
  • Kabul, Afghanistan
Type of Intervention


Total Beneficiaries  As of  July 2013, a total of 332 participants from 161 organizations have participated in 13 trainings conducted in the current phase of CIP trainings.

Description of Beneficiaries

Targeted beneficiaries include active NGOs, CSOs, CBOs and INGOs across Pakistan and Afghanistan.


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