Alternative Media – Pakistan’s First Web TV

Alternative Media – Pakistan’s First Web TV


On January 29, 2011, Pakistan’s first web-TV, Maati TV, was inaugurated at a ceremony in Lahore. The social platform aims to provide youth an opportunity to express their ideas regarding social and development sectors. Maati TV is a project by Interactive Resource Center in collaboration with Church World Service-Pakistan/Afghanistan and South Asian Partnership Pakistan.

Initially, the project has correspondents representing twenty districts and various educational institutions in all four of Pakistan’s provinces. These correspondents will develop documentaries on social and development issues for the website. This platform opens up discussion and debate, and according to Mohammad Waseem, Director of IRC, “Maati TV is the need of the hour because in today’s media-savvy world, it has become necessary to give a voice to the voiceless and the oppressed, and Maati TV will aim to do exactly that.”

Content includes social, political, and develop issues as seen by individuals with an opportunity for online debate and discussion to continue through comments and blogs. The website currently posts articles, photo essays, videos, and blogs. One of the objectives also includes the intention to highlight issues related to the flood emergency in Pakistan. The project hopes to give community members, especially women and youth, the opportunity to share their stories as they see them.

On discussing Maati TV, Marvin Parvez, Regional Representative of CWS-P/A, shared, “Basically, we are committed to helping communities, particularly the most marginalized. We feel this initiative gives them the opportunity to bring local concerns, local issues to the national and even global table. We look forward to seeing how this platform brings issues, especially the less heard of or ignored, in the foreground of social discussion.”

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