Adult Literacy Classes Started in Afghanistan

Adult Literacy Classes Started in Afghanistan


Church World Service – Pakistan/Afghanistan has advanced the successes of the Girls’ Education Project (GEP) in Afghanistan by continuing to meet all proposed initial targets. Through the collaborated efforts of CWS-P/A and its implementing partner, ADA (Afghan Development Association), positive changes regarding the devastatingly low literacy rates in Afghanistan, particularly for women and girls, are aspired.

The GEP aims to  contribute to an increase in girls’ participation in education and an overall improvement in the quality of teaching and learning in primary schools. The newest endeavour of the GEP includes the arrangement and conduction of adult literacy classes in Qarghayi District in Laghman Province, Afghanistan, which started in August, 2009 and will go on until the end of March, 2010. The purpose of conducting such classes is that it will increase literacy, raise awareness on health and hygiene, and promote knowledge on the importance of education for children. Adults participating in this program comprise primarily of parents and other community members related to the children that will directly benefit from this project.

Identified through a baseline survey, parents are selected based on some education, leadership qualities, and a willingness to contribute time to the Parent Teacher Committees. Community members participating in the program are identified through the community elders and local Shura members.

Two separate adult literacy classes are being held six days a week, one for males and one for females. ADA has hired two trainers – a male and a female, to teach their respective classes. Each class has a total of 25 participants, and the lessons comprise of a combination of reading, writing, and math. ADA has also distributed stationery, particularly notebooks and pens, to the participants of these classes.

CWS-P/A’s GEP is funded by Presbyterian World Service and Development (PWS&D).


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