DurationApr 01, 2013Mar 31, 2016
LocationNangarhar and Laghman provinces
Key Activities
  • Political and civic education summer camps for girls
  • Student-centered teacher training for teachers
  • Community awareness sessions on the importance of girls’ education
  • Development of teacher resource centers
  • Establishment of playgrounds
Participants10,787 female students
1,089 teachers
620 parents
200 community members

Teaching is not just a job for me. It is my dream to help children learn, read, and write. Now, through the support of the project, parent-teacher committee, and community development council members, I am once again living my dream.

Zahida, a teacher in Laghman

If every organization focused on the quality of their trainings like this, for sure we would soon witness a quality education system with a capacitated team all over the country.

District Governor of Qarghai, as chief guest at the closing ceremony of a teachers’ training workshop

Using these methods and activities has resulted in decreasing the number of absentees.

Nasreen, a teacher in Nangarhar

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