Peace Education for Primary & Middle Schools

Peace Education for Primary & Middle Schools


CWS-P/A has been very successfully running the Peace Education project for the past five years in Sindh with students and school teachers. The project has been able to launch and implement the peace curriculum in 107 schools across Sindh since its inception in 2007. More than 4,000 students have benefitted from Peace workbooks and over a 100 teachers trained on the curriculum implementation.The main accomplishment of the project over the past five years has been the development of a unique Peace curriculum, for teachers and Peace workbook, for students. The teachers through orientation workshops are taught how to implement the Peace curriculum and work books with their students. CWS-P/A strongly feels that there is now a need to further refine the curriculum and workbooks through direct feedback from the students and teachers who have been part of the project. The curriculum and workbooks have been in the running for the past five years and now would be a good time to go and seek feedback and suggestions on how to further refine the curriculum and workbook. Through this process an impact report would also be developed

Duration of the project January 1 – December 31, 2013
Program Area Capacity Building Program (CBP)
Thematic Area(s) Peace and Governance
Cross Cutting Themes Education
Implementation areas (Districts) Sindh
Total Beneficiaries None directly. After the curriculum has been refined there will be many beneficiaries in the future.
Description of Beneficiaries School teachers and students in particular as well as friends, family and peers together at large will benefit from the output of this project.


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