National Disaster Risk Reduction Platform to be Launched in Afghanistan

National Disaster Risk Reduction Platform to be Launched in Afghanistan


Church World Service – Pakistan/Afghanistan, as a member of The Global Network of the CSOs for Disaster Reduction, facilitated a research project called “Views from the Frontline” in March 2009 to measure the progress of Hyogo Framework of Action (HFA) implementation level in Afghanistan. Soon the decision had been taken to utilize the research results for further advocacy for the establishment of an effective national DRR system, namely the Afghanistan National DRR Platform.

DRR is the conceptual framework of elements considered with the purpose of minimizing vulnerabilities and disaster risks throughout a society in order to avoid (prevention) or to limit (mitigation and preparedness) the adverse impacts of hazards and facilitate sustainable development.

The DRR Platform is a multi-stakeholder national mechanism that serves as an advocate of DRR at different levels, providing coordination, analysis, and advice on areas of priority requiring concerted action based on national ownership and leadership.

As the only mandated government body for disaster preparedness and disaster response coordination, Afghanistan National Management Authority (ANDMA) will play a leading role in the Platform.

The first consultative meeting of the Platform was held on Sunday, October 4, 2009, at the ANDMA conference room. The decision was taken that the way forward was to establish the Road Map to disaster management in Afghanistan as the first joint project of the Platform.

The official communication from ANDMA to the UN/ISDR secretariat in Geneva will go in as early as mid-October. The launching event is still being planned and is expected to be held in Kabul at the end of 2009. CWS-P/A will continue to collaborate and assist ANDMA in this Platform coordination. 


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