More Coordination, Close Links, and Quality Services

More Coordination, Close Links, and Quality Services


Background: CWS-P/A recently received an appreciation letter from the Economy Directorate in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan. Since 1997, CWS-P/A has provided health services to communities in the province and expanded its interventions to other areas. The organization also works with an implementing partner to improve the quality of education and girls’ enrollment in school.

A brief interview with Professor Sayed Qias Saeedi, Economy Director, revealed CWS-P/A’s strengths in Afghanistan and his team’s decision to recognize CWS-P/A for excellent performance and quality services to the communities and for strong, regular collaboration with the relevant government departments.

CWS-P/A continues to work in close coordination with the government. The organization regularly shares its plan with relevant government departments and provides needed reports in a timely manner. We have not observed any complaint or objection regarding the services provided by CWS-P/A. These have been among the deciding factors we determine to give an appreciation award to an organization.

In my opinion, as the Director of Economy, if any organization works to achieve its targeted goals and has the full support from the community along with coordination with other agencies and especially, the government then it is evident that it is providing good services to the communities. It can be the victory for any organization.

CWS-P/A’s services go far where other humanitarian organization cannot reach easily.  It is significant to provide services in Tora Bora, Agam, Chaparhar, Mimla, and some far areas in Laghman Province. This is the strength of the organization and in the services and management of CWS-P/A.

It should be clear to us that we are living in a global village. This is the common interest between the government, CWS-P/A, and the communities. Moreover, health services and health education programs must be made available for all people living in a community and not for a single village or preference.

In a given year, the Ministry of Economy issues between five to ten appreciation letters. However, this depends on the services provided to communities and how many positive feedbacks from the community we received during our field visits.


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