Laghman Food Security Project

Laghman Food Security Project


CWS-P/A is implementing a Food Security project in Laghman Province, Eastern Region of Afghanistan, in four districts (Qargahi, Alingar, Alishang, and Dawlat Shah). The project focuses on poverty alleviation and ensuring food security through improved structure of agriculture, livestock and strengthening of basic irrigation infrastructure in target communities. The project will benefit the local community through providing them better quality services, improved agriculture inputs, technical agricultural training and increasing their technical knowledge. Through the project people are given meaningful opportunities to improve their livelihoods. Additionally, the construction and rehabilitation of canals and karez and protection walls helps people attain sufficient irrigation water for their land and orchards. The establishment of fruit nurseries and orchard will help communities increase their fruit production.

This project is proving useful for people of Laghman. It is envisioned that the successful implementation of the project interventions will bring significant changes in the lives of targeted communities and their livelihoods will be improved while food security is being ensured.

Duration of the project March 01, 2011 – February 28, 2014
Program Area Disaster Management Program (DMP)
Thematic Area(s) Livelihoods
Cross Cutting Themes Food Security, Gender and Human Rights
Implementation areas (Districts)

The following four districts of Laghman Province, Afghanistan

  • Alingar
  • Alishang
  • Qarghayee
  • Dawlat Shah
Implementing Partner Afghan Development Association (ADA)
Total Beneficiaries 2,500 approx.
Description of Beneficiaries Farmers, unskilled laborers, young people, vulnerable women, orchard owners and nursery owners.
Type of Intervention Food Security


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