Journey of Two Women Selected for Screening at Elles Tournent

Journey of Two Women Selected for Screening at Elles Tournent


The documentary, Journey of Two Women, was selected for screening at the Elles Tournent in Brussels. The screening will take place on September 29, 2013 in a session, “vive le feminism.” Earlier in the year, the film was screened at the 9th International Association of Women in Radio and Television (IAWRT) Asian Women’s Film Festival in India.

CWS-P/A produced the documentary in collaboration with the Interactive Resource Center (IRC). The initiative is part of CWS-P/A’s strengthening democracy project that highlights various issues faced by marginalized communities in Pakistan. Furthermore, this documentary is based on gender roles and discrimination and is filmed on the streets of Lahore, Pakistan.

Risham Waseem, who worked on the documentary, shares, “It is nice that films from Pakistan get selected at such events. They found this film and wanted it; this is a good feeling.” Risham currently studies film and hopes to do more work in future. “I want to make films that say something important but in an entertaining way. It should have a purpose.”

Nine released documentaries and two additional documentaries which will be released in the coming months are part of CWS-P/A’s project that advocates for positive change by bringing key issues to the front. Among these documentaries is The Invisible Democrats which was released in early August 2013. This latest documentary is based on transgender issues in Pakistan, which caught national media attention. (

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