CWS-P/A Accountability Framework

CWS-P/A Accountability Framework

Our Mission

CWS-P/A as an ecumenical organization will struggle for a community based on social justice, regardless of class, religion, gender and culture; by assisting marginalized communities to achieve economic prosperity and improve human and social capital through participatory endeavor, which liberates people and enhances their capacities to take control over their lives.

Our Vision

Our vision is for a community that is interdependent, equal, peaceful, rational, just and fair.

Purpose of this Accountability Framework

The development of Accountability Framework is understood as an important step towards establishing, delivering and improving our commitments to serve affected population and stakeholders in an accountable manner.

What does Accountability mean for CWS-P/A

CWS-P/A considers accountability as a means for responsible and judicious use of power to utilize funds and materialize plans to provide goods and services to affected population and other stakeholders.

Who are our primary stakeholders for Accountability

CWS-P/A as an organization considers the right holders and their representatives as primary stakeholders while utilizing its authority to influence them; to achieve our collective goal; to alleviate human suffering; and improve physical and social environment. We consider affected population, partners, donor agencies and other Government and Non Government agencies as important stakeholders and endeavor to collaborate, support and coordinate to ensure effective and optimum utilization of our resources. Our commitment to accountability guides us to develop and maintain effective use of mass communication media for advocacy, lobbying and information purposes and thus the Media becomes another stakeholder in this process.

Our core commitments

We believe in sovereignty of and equity with our partners.

Ownership of our mission is based on mutual trust, honesty, professionalism and transparency.

Our process is based on an understanding of roles and responsibilities, which
include accountability, impartiality and effective participation.

Creativity and innovation is the hallmark of all our efforts.

Relationship between our core commitments and our stakeholders

The commitments mentioned above are cornerstones of our organizational culture. This culture promotes and demands unbiased, vigilant, responsible and judicious relationship between CWS-P/A and its stakeholders. This culture also inculcates openness, transparency in our planning and implementation processes and thus the stakeholders can expect that they can influence us positively for collective development and our mutual benefit.

Affiliations and interests

ACT Alliance, ICVA, HAP International, Duryog Nirvan, Pakistan Humanitarian Forum, Sphere, South Asia Partnership-Pakistan, Accountability Learning & Working Group (ALWG)

Commitment to external standards

ACT Code of Conduct
ISO 9001:2008 Management Standard
Sphere Standards
US-AID Management Standards
RCRC Code of Conduct
The 2010 HAP Standard in Accountability and Quality Management
People in Aid Code of Good Practice

CWS-P/A joined HAP International out of its commitment to the values of quality and accountability while serving the humanity. Our core commitments have driven us to build our capacities and maintain these capacities through continued collaboration with HAP International at national and global levels. We are committed & certified HAP member because of our core organizational commitments to quality and accountability. .

Implementation and improvement plan

CWS-P/A is committed to its internal and external commitments that are relevant to its vision & mission. by allocating human and financial resources at program level. We develop and implement our Accountability Work plan annually at organizational level for continuous improvement in delivering our commitments. The plan is developed through organization wide consultation and supported by dedicated team and resources to make it effective and implementable. This plan aims to build the capacity of CWS-P/A and its partners through technical support & services; ; HAP Membership and compliance monitoring activities.