Fact Sheet 4: Pakistan Floods

Fact Sheet 4: Pakistan Floods


Issued: August 29, 2010, 11:00 p.m.

Sindh Province: Fakir Goth breach which has widened to 200 feet and KB Feeder Breach, responsible for inundation, are just 5 kilometers away from the Thatta City. It is also feared that Garhi Khuda Bux, home town of late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, founder of Pakistan Peoples Party and ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan, may get swamped. There is a whisper on the politics of breaches and the forex have fallen by $181.8 million.

In the past 80 hours:

  • New Displacement: 2 million people from Thatta District, Sindh Province; 400,000 have taken refuge in Makli’s historical graveyard.
  • Fifty-seven countries have pledged 777.7 million dollars as assistance for the flood affected, but only $140.48 million has been disbursed so far. In kind donations including food items and tent comprised $52.84 million of the total received.
  • U. S. pledged $200 million and 33 helicopters and 3 C-130s.
  • UNICEF increased its appeal from £30 million to £90 million for assisting women and children.
  • Flood survivors still await $47 million promised by the federal government 17 days ago.
  • According to a FAO damage assessment report, Sindh Province lost 71% of its rice crops, 59% of vegetable produce, 26% of sugarcane crops, 14% of fruit orchards, and 4% of tobacco crop. Total crop loss is 45%.
  • In Sindh Province, 80% of residents depend fully on agriculture as their livelihood means.
  • US officials warned that Pakistani Taliban are planning attacks on foreign aid workers. UN says that it cannot stop its work, despite perceived threats of attack by US government.
  • WHO reports that 500,000 pregnant women will give birth within six months in the flood affected areas. Forty-five thousands births are expected within the next month. Maternal death rate in Pakistan is 340/100,000 live births or 16,000 annually.
  • UN reports 36,000 suspected cases of potentially fatal acute watery diarrhea. Up to 3.5 million children are at risk of acute diarrhea, cholera, and upper respiratory infections.
  • Senate Standing Committee on Health Emergency issues in the flood affected areas reports that there are 3.4 million patients in flooded areas throughout the country.
  • The Pakistan State Oil (PSO), which has accumulated receivables amounting to Rs 139.3 billion ($1.63 billion), has warned the government that rescue operations on helicopters in flood hit areas and foreign flights bringing relief goods may be affected due to shortage of jet fuel.
  • Approximately 40,000 survivors are in camps in Karachi. Eighteen hundred registration camps will be established in 79 districts in the country.
  • Twenty percent of the land mass was flooded.
  • 1.24 million houses have been damaged.
  • Rs. 20,000 ($235) per family will be distributed by the government to over two million survivors from next Friday.
  • Chief Minister on Planning and Development (Sindh) said Rs. 550 billion ($6.47 billion) of losses in Sindh; the figure could rise to Rs. 750 billion ($8.82 billion).
  • Nineteen out of 23 districts in Sindh have been devastated.
  • Dadu District, Sindh: 600,000 out of its 1.5 million inhabitants will be affected by floods.
  • The Pakistan Army distributed 68,000 tons of food throughout the country.
  • Landline and cellular operators’ expenses to repair damaged infrastructure are likely to cross Rs 2.3 billion ($0.027 billion); all major telecommunication providers experienced losses.

Post Script: Sajawal (Sindh), the second largest city of 100,000 inhabitants has been completely inundated and 1,000 persons are trapped on their roof tops. Civil court, Police Station, and Revenue Office of the city are submerged and Rangers have left the city. 


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