Fact Sheet 13: Pakistan Floods

Fact Sheet 13: Pakistan Floods


Issued: October 7, 2010, 12:19 a.m.

The proposal of imposition of flood tax is causing rift in coalition partners as urban-Sindh based MQM is opposing it. Earlier the Presidency put forward the suggestion of imposing one time flood tax as an effort to raise funds for the gigantic task of rehabilitation.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly was told on Friday that corruption, nepotism and political affiliation in aid distribution by the provincial government among flood-stricken people is unprecedented.

Highlights of the week are:

  • 1829.38 million dollars is the total commitment of donors till October 05, 2010 for those affected by floods, according to the website of Economic Affairs Division.

Total Commitment
(US $ Million)

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Soft Loan
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  • Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said that first tranche of Rupees 20,000 (US $235) per family was being distributed in a transparent manner, while the second tranche of Rupees 80,000 (US $941) would be disbursed in the near future.
  • The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) launched a US $120 million scheme for the early recovery phase at the Economic Affairs Division on Monday but the agency needs US $1 billion to rebuild lives and get people back on the ground. The program aims to revive livelihoods across 39 of the most affected districts by offering grants to 2,500 affected small and home based businesses.
  • The European Commission has decided to more than double its Pakistani Flood aid to 150 million Euros (US $205 million).
  • The United States financial assistance for the flood-affected population in Pakistan has reached US $420 million and would increase with the start of other phases of early recovery and States’ reconstruction.
  • USAID is providing Rupees. 448 million (US $5.27 million) worth of financial aid to help the flood-damaged tourism and fishing industries in the Swat valley.
  • The World Bank has approved a US $300 million loan to help Pakistan deal with the after math of floods. The bank also gave an additional loan of US $130 million to help finance cost overrun for revitalizing and modernizing the highway system.
  • The Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA) which has earlier sent relief teams for flood victims to Pakistan is now planning to build one thousand (1000) low cost housing units in various flood affected areas to provide shelter to homeless flood victims.
  • The University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) has finalized flood’s victim’s rehabilitation plan, amounting to Rupees. 38 million (US $0.44 million) in order to enable the farming community to grow crops and fodder for their livelihoods.
  • The government has dropped around 258 new projects, costing over Rupees. 698.38 billion, (US $ 8.215 billion) in the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) 2010-11 in a bid to divert funds towards rehabilitation of the flood hit areas.
  • Around 33 percent of the flood-affected people of the country are suffering from psychological trauma.
  • Around 12 million affected are still in need of assistance (60 percent of the 20 million).
  • 70 percent of the roads and bridges in the flooded areas were washed away.
  • Out of 20 million flood-hit people, over 50,000 pregnant women may face birth complications due to acute shortage of skilled birth attendants.
  • Punjab Government has decided to spend more than Rupees. 1 billion (US $0.011 billion) donated to the Chief Minister Relief Fund on the construction of new villages in the flood-hit areas of the province.
  • Over a thousand of flood victims protested on Monday in Dera Ghazi khan against the district administration for delay in receiving Watan cards.
  • As many as 3520 schools have been destroyed in Sind Province. Besides, 1503 schools have become non-functional and due to occupation of Internally Displaced Persons and 0.2 million primary students are affected in the natural calamity.
  • Rupees. 450 billion (US $5.29 billion) is the total loss suffered by Sindh. 1900 kilometers is the length of the damaged road network in Sindh alone, which includes 27 bridges and will require Rupees. 14 billion (US $0.164 billion) for reconstruction.
  • Some 153 people have died in the devastating floods in Sindh, while 2.327 deliveries carried out in relief camps.
  • According to the report prepared by UNESCO, 22 percent was the female literacy rate in Sindh before the flood. The rate has come down significantly.

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