Fact Sheet 12: Pakistan Floods

Fact Sheet 12: Pakistan Floods


Issued: September 30, 2010, 7:00 p.m.

Though Pakistan may take years to come out of the consequences of the devastating floods, there has been a sharp decrease in the river flows since last week. The total water flow in the mighty Indus, Kabul, Jehlum and Chenab fell to 135,000 cusecs on Tuesday, a decrease of 11,000 cusecs in a day.

More than 54 million acre feet of water- almost 5 times the country’s total storage capacity went into the sea during the floods, but the water availability during the upcoming Rabi season is likely to remain short of requirement by 10-15 percent.

It has been reported in the media that, physically challenged people are facing more difficulties in camps as compared to other displaced persons.

Latest developments between September 23, 2010 and September 30, 2010 are:

  • According to UNOCHA, 31 percent of the $2 billion fresh UN Appeal has been provided.
  • According to NDMA estimates, 1.8 million houses have been damaged and IOM mentioned that $600 million needed to rebuild the houses.
  • According to NDMA estimates, 400 children went missing during the recent floods of Pakistan.
  • More than half of the 20 million flood-hit people are women, according to the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM). “Women need to be included in development plans as of the total number of people affected, 51 percent are women who will face major development challenges in the future,” UNIFEM’s country program director Alice Harding Shackelford said here on Thursday.
  • About 1,700 floods-affected students of Quaid-e-Azam University were unable to pay their dues.
  • About 5,783 schools across Punjab Province of Pakistan were destroyed in the recent floods. Out of these 2,075 were completely decimated. Schools in Muzaffargarh were worst hit by floods.
  • According to various media reports, delays in compensation are regarded as a major hurdle in rehabilitation.
  • According to information minister, the overall loss to economy is $43 billion.
  • 136,453 cubic feet of timber worth Rs. 23 million of Forest Development Corporation (FDC) has been washed away in the super flood triggered by the heavy torrential rains.
  • 50 million dollars worth of relief goods have been sent by China so far as part of the contributions to flood relief and rehabilitation efforts.
  • $1.73 million is the amount donated by Indonesia to the Prime Minister Relief Fund.
  • The Sindh Government constituted a judicial committee on Tuesday to probe into the braches that developed in the Tori Bund near Guddu and the SM Bund in Thatta. 
  • The National Highway Authority (NHA) Sindh region has suffered over Rs. 600 million ($7.05 million) in losses during the flood in the province as more than 50 kilometers of highways in different districts have been damaged.
  • Another disaster in the form of epidemic could hit Sindh if the flood victims are not provided with safe drinking water and hygienic conditions at relief camps are not improved, health experts said at a workshop.



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