Fact Sheet 01: Pakistan Floods-2011

Fact Sheet 01: Pakistan Floods-2011


With the recent onslaught of monsoon season, some 750,000 people are affected in Pakistan’s provinces of Punjab and Sindh killing up to 25 people.  District Badin in Sindh emerged as the most severely hit area.

The district comprises of 5 Talukas (Badin, Shahheed Fazil Rahu, Talhar, Matli and Tando Bago) and has a total area of 6,726 square kilometers. According to the 1998 census of Pakistan, it had a population of 1,136,636 of which 16.42% were urban. Headquartered at the city of Badin the district is situated between 24°-5` to 25°-25` north latitude and 68 21’ to 69 20’ east longitude and is bounded on the north by District Hyderabad on the east by Mirpurkhas and Tharparkar districts on the south the Arabian Sea and Rann of Kutch, which also forms part of the disputed boundary with India, and on the west it is bounded by districts Thatta and Hyderabad.

  1. The District has 46 Union councils; out of which 16 are completely under water. The major cause of flood is the breaches in canals and drains, especially the Left Bank Outfall Drain (LBOD), that remain unplugged.
  1. The ongoing catastrophe has affected a population of little more than 100,000 in Badin alone.
  1. The configuration of IDPS in District Badin is as follows
S. No Name of Taluka Number of IDPs
1 Matli 2,878
2 Talhar 4,163
3 Tand Bago 11,247
4 Badin 14,087
5 Shahheed Fazil Rahu 3,676
  1. In Badin, nearly 80 percent of the crops are destroyed and 1500 villages are flooded.
  1. As reported by the media, people of the area demanded Rs. 100 million in financial support, 200 suction pumps. 2,000 tents, 50 boats and 100,000 ration bags
  1. Three irrigation canals were affected: Phuleli Canal, Akram Wah Canal and Guni Canal.
  1. Fresh breaches are developing in water ways and drains inundated another 20 villages, including the village of Golarchi.
  1. As many as 36,204 people in 144 relief camps have been accommodated. The number included 8,240 women and 20,253 children.
  1. The total number of people rescued in Badin is 362,400 and Pakistan Army alone has rescued 200 families in Badin and provided medical care to 500 people.
  1. In Mirpurkhas some 15,000 people have taken shelter in make ragged make-shift tents along roads and in school building, where the army has been called out to rescue them
  1. Damage to cotton crops, which is already in harvesting stages, in Badin is 80 percent and 20-30 percent in Mirpurkhas area.


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